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CurbedWire: EVill Mystery Lot Getting More Transparent, Mayne Brings 4-D Glasses to Soho, Peck Slip Gets With Leather

EAST VILLAGE—Reports of increased activity are flowing in from formerly and famously inactive Milstein Myster Lot. A reader wrties, "They've started construction at 229 East 13th St (between 2nd/3rd Ave) it's the lot next to the Millstien property and according to DOB it's going to be an 8 story building. Any more information?" We think this may actually be the site of Milstein's plans, which also call for 8 stories. Refutations and additions welcome. [CurbedWire Inbox]

SOHO—Thom Mayne is bringing his starchitect act to the city. The Pritzker Prize winner bought a Soho loft for his firm Morphosis, according to Andrew Fine, whose firm brokered the deal. Earlier reports had Mayne digging around in Chelsea. Says Fine, "What's it like to work with a Starchitect?...Walk into a room with Thom and you'd think he was wearing 4-D glasses. You can clearly see that his brain is working on a different wavelength- he is seeing walls, angles, and lines that are not there, but you can tell that he is seeing them." [CurbedWire Inbox/A Fine Blog]

SEAPORT—Finally, a coda for our South Street Seaport coverage from last week via another reader: "The next time you find yourself enjoying a glass of wine in the Seaport, I'd recommend letting your gaze linger on the door at 40 Peck Slip. Enjoy that hint of leather in your Lambrusco as you watch the parade of sheepish men in and out of Jezebel's, who are getting acquainted with leather of another sort." [CurbedWire Inbox]