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Central Park West #3: PriceSpotter Pre-War

In honor of Central Park West day, we bring you this special edition of PriceSpotter. You know the drill: we present the details on a for-sale apartment and you squeeze them through your earholes to come up with an asking price. The big reveal tomorrow. Until then, best guesses in the comments.

What/Where: 4BR/3BA co-op CPW btwn 93/94
Square Feet: n/a, but see floorplan above
Maintenance: $2,346.12
The Skinny: The bathroom situation is kinda throwing us here. As far as we can tell, your guests are going to have to relieve themselves via the maid's room. At least they'll have plenty of space to lounge around on your plush furniture. Full-service building with a proper CPW entrance plus a gym and a children's room. Have at it.

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