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Columbia Street Chickens Now Own Another Freakin' Place

Hello, gentle readers of Curbed. Brooks of Sheffield from Lost City here. As per Curbed's request, I'll be focusing this week mainly on my main stomping grounds of Carroll Gardens and Red Hook, Brooklyn. I feel fully capable of covering both neighborhoods, since I live on the exact border dividing them—that is, the neighborhood real estate people like to call, but I refuse to refer to, the Columbia Street Waterfront District. (Surely the clumsiest neighborhood christening in decades.) A lot has changed in the neighborhood over the last couple of decades, but some things remain constant. As the guy behind the counter at the Esposito Pork Store on Court Street once told me, "It's the perfect combination: a Mafia base with a Yuppie overlay."

It seems the Columbia Street Art Lot chickens have a new home. A Curbed tipster writes, "The chickens in the art garden on Columbia St. were picked up Saturday by the ASPCA & will be taken to a sanctuary upstate." That's better than being delivered into the hands of the slaughter house down the block, right? The fowl had been making the open-air art exhibition at the corner of Sackett Street and Columbia their home for several weeks, mystifying and delighting passers-by.

What's still unanswered is how the fine-looking black hens got there in the first place, and who was caring for them. (There was a food dish.) As a side note, we noticed that the brown rooster in the Hamilton Avenue community garden is also gone. You write about loose chickens, chickens disappear.
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