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Central Park West #1: Moby Shills for His Penthouse

Today, for no apparent reason, we're hanging out on Central Park West. Come along.

Moby must be nervous about the state of the Manhattan real estate market. How else to explain his appearance this week on The Real Deal's interminable weekly webcast, shilling for his four-story, five-terrace penthouse apartment at the El Dorado at CPW and 90th Street? With a voice as atonal as his music, Moby leads the camera crew through the apartment, finishing with this: "If you're interested in living in a four-level art deco sky castle, contact either Corcoran or Elliman; they'll tell you how much it costs. Being an uptight WASP from Connecticut, I'm uncomfortable talking about money." In case you've forgotten, per the apartment's offical website, the asking is a pulsating $7.5 million.
· TRD Webcast August 20 [The Real Deal]
· El Dorado Penthouse [Official Site]

The El Dorado

300 Central Park West, New York, NY 10024