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CurbedWire: East Houston Hotel Is a Blur, EVill Brick House Gets Its Ask, and Brokers Get Desperate

EAST VILLAGE—We just can't get us enough camera phone pictures of the slow-developing East Houston Hotel. The above shots of the new signage come with a disclaimer: "sorry these are blurry, but some weird Italian tourists were taking my picture while i was taking them so i didn't want to hang around to try to get better ones." [CurbedWire Inbox]

EAST VILLAGE—"There was a pricespotter a few months back that generated a lot of interest," writes another Curbed reader. "The property was 735 E. 9th St. I think people would be interested to know that the apt. was sold last week for $1.225 MM." The people should also know that $1.225 million was the most recent ask and that this much-appreciated intel remains unconfirmed. [CurbedWire Inbox]

OPEN HOUSES—Finally, this missive landed in our tip box under the shamelessly titillating header, "Are Brokers Getting Desperate?": "I've been going to open houses in Manhattan (EVill, WVill, Chelsea) on a fairly regular basis for the past year, seriously looking, but taking my time. Occasionally I get a follow up email, I might get a phone call now and then, but after one day I've had three out of six brokers contact me, one calling twice. Pretty limited circumstances, I know, but for me quite a shift from recent times." [CurbedWire Inbox]