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Rumblings and Bumblings: Requiem for Noho Screw Factory

If it's Tuesday, and there's new development, there'll be Rumblings and Bumblings. As ever, your questions about dust and debris in your neighborhood to Reader answers to these here queries on Thursday.

[30 Great Jones Street, photo courtesy PropertyShark]

1) Noho: We've always been fascinated by the building above, a strangely desolate tower on Great Jones Street. So this tipster email caught our eye: "As a long-time resident of Great Jones Street, I have seen the neighborhood go from drug dealer infested streets to artist encampment through to yuppification. I was really sad to see the Jones Diner get demolished to make way for iPod advertecture, but another crushing blow has come to the neighborhood. The screw factory at 30 Great Jones Street (the last operating factory in the area which used to be ALL factories) appears to be closing as workmen have been moving the equipment out of the building for the past few days. Something tells me that the new occupant will not be another manufacturing concern. Any insight into who has taken this building over?"

2) Soho/Tribeca Canal Street DMZ: Another reader emails, "Any details on the building next to 260 West Broadway, which was rumored to be a boutique hotel? Also next to 1 York?"

3) Manhattan Valley/Morningside Heights-ish: "At 106th and Broadway, the bodega next to silvermoon bakery has been vacant for 6 months. The liquor store owner next door says the building is only offering 5 year leases. What gives? Another big shiny tower on the upper, upper west side?"