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PriceSpotter Big Reveal: Central Park West Pre-War

Yesterday, we gave you the the details on this Central Park West 4-bedroom apartment. Today, we reveal the listing and the asking price. Thanks for playing.

Listing: 333 Central Park West [Halstead]
Asking: $5.799 million
Not a lot of love for this place, which seems to face the wrong way and, as noted yesterday, lacks a toilet for your dinner party guests. Adds commenter SM, "This one has a nice public room flow, but it's probably dark, the bedrooms are narrow, the master is small, the closets suck, the bathroom situation is weird, maids room that can't be combined with the kitchen." Still, it's a real-live 4-bedroom in a fancy CPW building, which means this price may not be as outrageous as it sounds. Gold stars for Paul and Linkman, who both missed by just $1k. As usual, an investigation of their methods is underway.
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