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Open House Report: Fitzgerald Gets Freaky

Our old pal Harlem Fur dropped by a Halstead open house at West Harlem's Fitzgerald condo development over the weekend, and the results are glorious. Located at 257 West 117th Street, the Fitzgerald either is or isn't the building that saw Harlem's first $1 million sale, but 2004 is just a hazy memory so we can't be sure. Adding to the haze is the model unit's trippy decor, which Harlem Fur theorizes was intended to be a "conversation piece." And how! At top left is the dining room, and the Fur's comment is priceless:

First we have the dining room. Whatever people will be sitting down to eat here, be it space-aged pill food, marijuana brownies, or something grandma made 40 years ago, I am sure a Moog synthesizer will provide the dinner music.Then there's the furniture made out of cardboard, which would no doubt please Leo DiCaprio, if he ever set foot above 96th Street.
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