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Macklowe's Drake Replacement Revealed, To Much Chagrin

Megadeveloper Harry Macklowe was Public Enemy #1 on the Wired New York boards over his acquisition and impending tear-down of the Drake Hotel (shrouded above; photo via Wired's NYGuy) and various townhouses along East 57th Street, and now that a rendering of what Macklowe is building on the site has popped up on his website, the hate continues. As you can see, the vision for 440 Park Avenue is pretty bare bones right now, but that doesn't stop the "short, fat box" comments and references to Macklowe as a "gremlin developer." You knew this crowd would be a tough one to please no matter what was designed for the Drake site, and indeed, they are not pleased. At least Macklowe will have a nice place to curl up and cry.
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