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There Goes My View, Williamsburg Edition

[photo courtesy kneebeau/Curbed Photo Pool]

Folks, have you missed garish, random construction photographs from Williamsburg these last few weeks on Curbed? Of course you have. Our sincere apologies. To get the train rolling again, above, as a reminder of what life's like in the 'Burgh these days, as submitted to the Curbed Photo Pool bearing the title "View from My Side Window." Color commentary from the photographer: "When I moved in not too long ago I could see all the way to the Bedford Ave. subway station down N7th street. So much for that."

Two photos from another photographer that just landed in our inbox:

Sez our photog, "Tagged already? that's what you get for building condos on
top of a Catholic school. Welcome to the WB, bitch! This is at Union Ave just west of the BQE."

"The Roebling Oil Field (N/11th st between Roebling and Driggs). Could this monstrosity be any larger?"

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