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Run, Don't Walk, to the Latest UES Unveiling

When former guest blogger extraordinaire 78th and 2nd dropped in on The Laurel construction site up on East 67th Street, he remarked that the 31-story glass-and-limestone condo building would be hitting the market around mid-September. But our friends at StreetEasy dropped us a line to let us know that Corcoran has let one teaser listing go public, a 1,286-square-foot two-bedroom with a price tag of $1.9 million. That's $1,531/sf, for all you stat heads out there. And while we're on the topic, how 'bout that Laurel website? Good lord, with all the exercise and fitness talk, it'll make you feel like the fattest slob in the world for not buying in. They might as well have "Chariots of Fire" playing on a loop in the lobby.
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