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Rumblings and Bumblings Responses: NYU to Noho?!?

Here now, reader answers to Tuesday's development questions. As ever, your questions about dust and debris in your neighborhood to

[30 Great Jones Street, photo courtesy PropertyShark]

1) Noho: Regarding the screw factory building at 30 Great Jones Street, we dropped by for our own look at the place. The workers are indeed gone from the ground floor, and the upper floors are all boarded up, as they've been for ages. All of which lends eerie credence to a tip about the plans for the site that appeared in the Curbed inbox: "The building is going to be demolished, and the parking lots, and its lot, will become an NYU building." Property records don't clarify much, but (anyone cozy with a certain Harcy Realty Corp?) suddenly, another new glassy development actually looks like the better option. Anyone know more?

2) Upper Upper West Side: No intel on if there's towering development in the cards at 106th and Broadway, but commenters did share some intel on the glory that once was: "the vacant place was NOT a bodega but a great greengrocery that went down because of a really superb Garden of Eden supermarket." And: "The market on 106th Street and Broadway was called Bear Market. It had a history of not paying its workers fair wages." Thanks for clarifying.

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