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You Cannot Escape Michael Shvo

Last night while flipping through the channels, we came across Soap Net?like always!?and an episode of The Fashionista Diaries. The show appears to be about young people who really love to hear their own high-pitched, annoying voices, and much to our surprise a very crucial scene in which Andrew appeared to be making a move on Bridget was taking place at the sales office launch party for Michael Shvo's 650 Sixth Avenue. We know this because the characters' heads were always conveniently placed as to not block the 650 Sixth Avenue signage (as you can see via our high-tech screen capture technology). We've often said that Shvo thinks on a grander scale than most real estate marketers, and pitching multi-million dollar apartments/galleries to Soap Net viewers is definitely thinking outside the (white) box. Now, what's it going to take to get a reality Shvo on the air?
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The Cammeyer

650 6th Avenue, New York, NY 10011