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Curbed Readers Comment: Hot Threads

1) Your Morning Credit Crunch: 110 Livingston, We Presume? (103 comments)
"EVERY project has unit contracts fall through for various reasons - people move, get transfered, buy two units and only close on one, etc. Some of this is probably due to the market and credit crunch, but only at the margins."
2) Ask Curbed: Have I Been Paying Too Much Rent? (42 comments)
"i just can't believe anyone would pay $1900 in 96 for a 6th flr walkup on Ave D in a crappy building. Totally insane. Sounds like your girlfriend paid way too much to begin with due to her own ignorance about NYC neighborhoods."
3) On the Market: Noho's Loftiest Loft? (38 comments)
"Awesome space, questionable layout. With some thoughtful renovations (read: tear out walls and reconfigure floorplan), it could be incredible. You'd also need to replace the wooden roof deck. The boards are buckling badly."
4) Ask Curbed: Where Can I Get Me a Foreclosed Property (36 comments)
"it is extremely extremely rare, border0line impossible for a forclosed apartment in nyc to be auctioned off. coop boards have first right to purchase the place as do condo boards. they do not let those places go."