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More Fun Downtown: Fulton Transit Center Destructoporn!

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Live from Broadway and Fulton way downtown, Curbed Photo Pool contributor dietrich files the above photograph, and this report: "A construction worker douses welding sparks during the last phase of the demolition of a former T.G.I. Friday's restaurant. Two cast iron columns (one where the water meets the sparks) are all that remain of the turn-of-the-century building's former splendor. It's making way for the new Fulton Street station transit center."

Ah yes, the new Fulton Street Transit Center! We'd almost forgotten about this massive public works project, what with all the other exciting construction projects in and around the World Trade Center site. Listen, call we all just agree to evacuate Manhattan south of Chambers Street for the next five years to give the developers time to make everything all pretty? Cool.
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