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Development Update-o-Rama: 3 West 13, 20 Pine, More!

1) River Ridge Condominiums: The renovated building at 78 Ridge Street(above), which is a wee bit too close to the Williamsburg Bridge and in a former life was some sort of chicken detention center, has launched a charming DIY website. Of note: "September" opening now "fall," and prices in the "high four hundred thousands to over two and a half million dollars." Do check out the mesmerizing neighborhood map.

2) 3 West 13 Lofts: Per StreetEasy, the dissapearing act is over, and the units have popped back up on Sotheby's site with big time price increases ($150,000-$395,000). We contacted listings broker Lisa Verdi for comment, who told us: "The prices reflect the market interest and the overwhelming positive response. The location and product make this one of a kind." Intensely bizarre walk-through video still kicking around, too.

3) 20 Pine: A reader writers, "I recently noticed that all the renderings & signs around the construction at 20 pine have been taken down, the entrance to the sales office is being renovated and has a hand written 'sales office' sign taped to the door. Also, I can see the construction from where I live and it has been stopped for months ... I am wondering if you know what is going on there."

4) Twenty9th Park Madison: Following yesterday's coverage of the Park Ave. South newcomer, photoblogger Will Femia sent along a shot of the contstruction site, which also features a cameo from the frat boy-favorite (according to the comments) Red Sky. You can find it...