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Markowitz to Two Trees: Love Ya, But...

As you might have guessed from that photo of Two Trees scion Jed Walentas rocking the tropical look at the Trader Joe's Brooklyn press conference, Two Trees owns 130 Court Street, the building that will house the grocer. It's no surprise that excitable Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz is very pumped about TJ's coming to BK, but apparently the pro-development pol is not so thankful that he's going to let the Walentas do whatever they want. The Brooklyn Paper reports that Markowitz has come out against Two Trees' plan to build a six story annex on a neighboring parking lot, because the proposal is 10 feet too high for the existing zoning within the Cobble Hill Historic District. Said Markowitz (who has granted other exceptions on the site): "Should this intrusion be granted, it would set a precedent for other sites throughout the entire district to seek such an exception.” Of course, Markowitz's flip-flopping on such issues gives the Brooklyn Paper the perfect excuse to trot out a highly entertaining Marty Markowitz/Atlantic Yards op-ed that's sort of a greatest hits of complaints about the project. From off in the distance, a single "Oy vey!" is heard.
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