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Shvo Tagline Contest Update: The 'Winners'

Last we left our friends at TEAM SHVO, they were feverishly dissecting the over 500 new taglines generated by the copywriting geniuses in the Curbed readership. (You'll recall that Michael Shvo himself had offered $10k to the Curbed reader who came up with a message befitting his burgeoning empire.) Today, we come with news of a decision: none (0) of the entries were good enough to sit atop the Shvo branding machine.

But you didn't think that Shvo would let this moment pass without a final flourish, did you? Of course not. The following three entries touched Shvo's ultra-sensitive marketing nerve in such a way that he's decided to open the checkbook and reward each of their originators with $1000:

· SHVO: Life. Style. (Jim Saisakorn)
· SHVO. Real Estate Redefined (Allen Liou)

· SHVO: Sales. Marketing. Style (William Wong)A hearty congrats to all the 'winners.' Wondering what could possibly have topped these nuggets? So are we, friends. The new tagline is still under wraps, to be revealed at the appropriate buzz-generating moment.
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