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Development Update-o-Rama: Lights Still Out at Powerhouse

And now, more from the poison pen of guest blogger QueensCrap...

While we're in Long Island City, I thought an update on new development The Powerhouse would be welcome. Checking the above photo... well, there you have it. Not much progress seems to have been made on this side of the building since Curbed last addressed it, although the clashing orange addition on top seems to be gaining steam. And judging by the comments posted for Curbed's last entry about the place, the project's frequent completion problems may not necessarily be a bad thing. (QC's shot of the building from the river offers a different perspective on the place.)

Let's just say the owner of the sports bubble across the street decides there's more money in real estate than in tennis, and decides to build a high rise. Will Powerhouse condo owners do a little NIMBY protesting of their own? That would be ironic.
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