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It Happened One Weekend: The Link Makes a Stink

1) Did the news that some new developments don't deliver on all their marketing promises shock you as deeply as it did us? Either way, pity the poor Hell's Kitchen new development The Link (right), which took the brunt of the criticism from the Times for crimes ranging from the lack of hot water to—our favorite—the young Wall Street fellow bailing on the building because they wouldn't install a vanity mirror for his girlfriend in the master bathroom. There's a tiny bit of sketchiness accorded to 184 Thompson, too, in case you're in the market and worried about ceiling heights. [Condos, Not So Perfect/Christine Haughney]

2) While The Link gets a beatdown, forthcoming Williamsburg development The Edge earns a lotta love—with numbers sprayed across a Times postings piece like so much confetti. 34,000 square feet of parks! 27,000 square feet of indoor recreation space! Parking for 550 cars! Prices from about $600k to just over $1m! Unfortunately, non-residents will be allowed access to the waterfront areas, which is just so wrong. [Postings/C.J. Hughes]

3) At Knickerbocker Village in once-edgy Yorkville, tenants are the latest to deal with the possibility of being forced out once rents hit market levels next summer: “I thought they'd take me out of here with my arms crossed." [Urban Tactics/Emily Brady]

4) Finally, here's a little more intel concerning the Essex Street Market on the Lower East Side. Despite the wish from some in the neighborhood that the empty Building D south of Delancey Street be used for housing or somesuch, city law mandates that it must serve some sort of food-related purpose. Proposed new development name: The Bialy. [Saki Knafo/The City]

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