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Celebrity Real Estate Wrap: UES Low on the Bass

1) Ex-'N Sync member and current gay Lance Bass has temporarily relocated to New York to star on Broadway in Hairspray, and he already sounds like a seasoned pro. On finding a rental: "There’s a lot of pieces of crap here for a lot of money." On the Upper East Side: "The Upper East Side? I’m not in college anymore.” Wait, do we like Lance Bass? [Intelligencer]

2) Patricia Clarkson was in Jumanji, which is totally awesome. Patricia Clarkson bought a 1,600-square-foot loft on 13th Street off Fifth Avenue for $1.55 million, which is OK we guess. [Braden Keil/Gimme Shelter]

3) While he's not really a celeb per se, he definitely is around these parts. Michael Shvo is paying $3.75 for a "modest" Water Mill four-bedroom home. It's not on the ocean, but Shvo can shvwim in the heated pool. [Intelligencer]

4) In New York's Fall Preview feature, S. Jhoanna Robledo and Rebecca Milzoff predict that the Superior Ink Factory will be the next big celebrity-magnet condo development. The pros point to the townhouses, which will have multiple entrances for paparazzi dodging. [New York]