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CurbedWire PM Edition: Rumors of 10th Street's Demise

As promised, today's second installment of the 'Wire. As ever, your sightings, queries, observations, and raw emotion to

EAST VILLAGE?As far as wildly unconfirmed rumor mongering goes, here's a doozy. A special Curbed tipster overheard the owner of cozy East 10th Street French restaurant Danal (in the gray building) saying he's pondering a move to lower Fifth Avenue, because a developer will be buying up the low-rise walk-ups on the block to tear them down and build big. It appears that 90, 86 and 84 East 10th currently all belong to the same owner, so it's not inconceivable (88 is the one being painted). They house businesses such as Hiro and the Strokes' Wiz Kid Management. 82 East 10th Street?just beyond the greenery on the far right side of the pic?is a one-family private residence. Developing... [The Streets]

GRAMERCY?A tipster writes in with a trio of goodies: "1. Southeast corner of 23rd and 2nd is on the market with eastern consolidated. I think the elderly woman finally moved. 2. Northwest corner of 20th and 2nd was sold to an autistic school. Bought 3 buildings and will demolish. Was on the market with elliman. 3. Church on 19th bet 2nd and 1st is on the market for 6mm for conversion to condos." Here's that Eastern Consolidated listing. Hope you got that cash bid in on time. [CurbedWire Inbox]

LOWER EAST SIDE?We get hot when people go all geotechnical on us, so while this tipster's update is brief, we likey: "there was a crew from a test boring outfit in the space where the Theatatorium used to be on Stanton (btwn Atty and Ridge) this afternoon. In the interest of my view, please add that 154 Attorney gave up on sales and went to rentals [Ed. note?now that's not entirely true, right?] and the bldg immediately adjacent the site is at best assisted living at worst a halfway house." [CurbedWire Inbox]

DOWNTOWN BROOKLYN?The 110 Livingston contract dropouts/marketing tool scandal refuses to die. A reader recalls the previous free common charges thing, and remarks: "in response to the Two Trees claim that their cutting prices was just a market trick, how about the giving away $6k for referrals just a few weeks ago? Another 'marketing ploy?' I think this clearly shows that the latter was no trick, they just came up with a lousy excuse after the fact..." [CurbedWire Inbox]

110 Livingston

110 Livingston St, Brooklyn, NY 11201