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Pipe Dreaming About Domino Sugar's Cultural Makeover

Color us still intrigued about the urban planning concepts to remake the Domino Sugar Factory on the Williamsburg waterfront into a cultural hub akin to London's much-lauded makeover of the Bankside Power Station into the glorious Tate Modern—a gambit that's the focus of this new website. But let's also face brass tacks on this one: unlike the Tate's find of Bankside, Domino passed into developer hands a few years back, and prying it loose at this point will take an effort of herculean force—not to mention hundreds of millions if not billions of dollars, presumably from city coffers. Of course, the effort could focus instead on securing use of the central Processing House for cultural use, something developers have already hinted may been in cards—and even push for the likely-to-be-demo'd Adant House to be saved for same.

In an email, one organizer of the cultural hub effort slyly rebuked our calling the scheme a pipe-dream, declaring: "btw- we are starting to get a little out of the 'pipe dream' stage now." Ah, would that it were so. But in the spirit of help, what might supporters of this cultural plan do to see their dreams enacted? Your best ideas welcomed in the comments.
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