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Finally, a Landmark We Can Do E In

While glancing over the Greenwich Village Society for Historic Preservation's end-of-summer email blast (these are the dog days, folks), we were struck by the last item: The Landmarks Preservation Commission will soon schedule a landmarking hearing for Webster Hall. Yes, that Webster Hall. The one-time/current home of the "shred your ex" and '80s prom parties, and the place where you nervously first attempted to use your fake ID. The GVSHP is leading the charge on the bid for 119 East 11th Street, and they point to the Romanesque Revival building's rich history, which dates back to 1886. It was a venue for high-society functions, and later a rallying spot for unions. And now, of course, it's where NYU undergrads go to mate. According to the GVSHP's Andrew Berman, Webster Hall will be preserved, and he doesn't care how many amateur striptease competitions he has to go to to get it done.
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