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Forest Hills' Columns of Crap

If you should ever deign to take the E train or LIRR to Forest Hills, perhaps to visit that other tennis stadium in Queens, take a short stroll down Continental Avenue and turn west onto Austin Street. There in all its glory, you will find this here commercial condo crap. The top floors are highly reflective and the pattern is broken up by three elevator columns painted a ghastly dark brown color. This is an example of what QC likes to call Art Crappo-style architecture.

Ah, but what kind of services does this building have to offer, you may be asking?

If a plywood fence were to go up around this baby, it's doubtful that anyone will be upset.

Despite the bad vibe given off by this building for many years, Austin Street-Continental Avenue remains one of the best commercial strips in the whole city. Here you will find a number of stores and restaurants you actually might want to patronize with an express train ride to and from Manhattan—which is why the yuppie invasion has hit a fever pitch here over the past few years. Although some say the area still isn't hip. Oh well, you can't have everything. —QC

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