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Urban Wildlife #3: Loose Geckos are the New Exterminators

We love crazy correspondence from landlords pretty much more than we love anything, so we're indebted to the tipster who passes along this email from a landlord to one of her tenant at a building in Tribeca. Seems the tenant complained about bugs in the apartment, and requested an exterminator. Reasonable, no? Here's the landlord's response:

I will use an exterminator but also what about this: I would get a bunch of Gecos and let them loose to eat all the bugs, leaving a sm plate of water on the floor in a dark corner cause they hide in case they don't find water. Gecos can be found on Houston St at John's pet shop, he keeps a glass tank of Gecos.Anyone found success with the Loose Gecko Gambit? Do let us know. Please.