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H-Word Trotted Out for Gansevoort Architect

We're sure that architect Stephen B. Jacobs is a lovely man, but a special Curbed reader seems to have had it up to here! with the Gansevoort group's go-to hotel designer. In response to the just announced Gansevoort Park, our bud writes:

Stephen Jacobs is a Hack. Was reading that post about the new gansevoort hotel bullshit and searching around for other stuff by Stephen Jacobs. He also designed a hotel in Raleigh that is under development, the lafayette, and it looks almost exactly the same as the two gansevoort numbers. Is this guy the new Mr. Brady, designing everything as one style?Not only the H-word, but a Mr. Brady comparison. Meow! Above, for your consideration (L-R), the Lafayette, the Hotel Gansevoort and the Gansevoort Park. Cut him some slack, though: Dude also did 60 Thompson and, um, The Edge (which we're suddenly realizing is a little Gansevoort-y). Thankfully, according to the SBJ Group website, the Gansevoort South on Miami Beach is pursuing a different look.
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