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Introducing Maspeth's Glorious New Ram Hotel

Curbed doesn't make it out to the Queens neighborhood of Maspeth all that often, so I thought I'd remedy that situation today. Here's Maspeth's yet-to-be-completed hotel, a stone's throw from Maurice Avenue to the west and the Queens Midtown Expressway to the north. Yes, it's being built on a slant. People occupying rooms on the building's northwestern side will become acquainted with a view of the elevated LIE's red brick wall. And, in case you missed it, a gas station is also a prominent feature in this direction.

Here's a close-up view of the front. The trucks are not there for construction. They are part of this area's industrial landscape.

And here's the back. (Hey, look, it's another Crapper!)

So what will views be like from this one? Ah, well, here's the southeastern view:

And the southwestern view:

"I'd like a room with the billboard view, please."

To the northeast, not pictured, is a McDonalds that, because of its location, most people drive-thru rather than enter. Same grit, same pollution, same noise. "As-of-right" don't always make it right. Finally, do note that New Ram Realty is building this hotel. Interesting images come to mind. QC