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Cooper Square Hotel Update #2: Bowery Grab-Bag!

How times have changed, eh? Not so long ago if something was left sitting unattended along The Bowery it would've disappeared in about 37 seconds. But with new developments popping up all up and down the way developers are leaving their goodies out for all to see, as is the case at the Cooper Square Hotel (above, as seen on the sidewalk last week). They'd be wise to check that their insurance policies are up-to-date.

Piles of high-tech glass panels scattered about The Bowery in front of the new Cooper Square Hotel give some idea of what to expect inside that glassy 23-story tower. The materials include glass: fritted, clear, milky white, glossy black and Gumby green. Plus angled bands of metal and slabs of wood. As we alluded to earlier today, the color scheme feels semi-tropical and watery, reminiscent of another Zapata project from Quito, Ecuador seen at the Carlos Zapata Studio website.

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