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Cooper Square Hotel Update #1: Indecent Exposures

How many variations on a theme can architect Carlos Zapata play on the facade of his new Cooper Square Hotel on The Bowery? We recently offered that the color scheme here seems to echo what went up at the new Frank Gehry-designed IAC Building across from Chelsea Piers. But our assessment was a bit premature. What we're seeing at the Cooper Square Hotel now is far more complex than what was hinted at in the milky renderings of this many-faceted 23-story tower. Get this insanity: apparently each exposure has its own glass pattern.

The south facade of the Zapata's Cooper Square Hotel.

There's white fritted glass on one side, channels of clear glass with overlaid panels of perforated white screens running up the middle. And did we mention the green glass facing north? Not sure how it will all come together, but this could be a nice antidote to that over-decorated and glorified pizza parlor down the way.

Perforated panels on the south facade.

Green glass facing north at the new Cooper Square Hotel.

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