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Curbed Readers Comment: Hot Threads

1) The Greening of Queens Not Quite Going as Planned (137 comments)
"In Maspeth it's called a two dollar whore; in Manhattan it's called a Brazilian. face it, it's both funny AND a dick move."
2) Playing Tetris on Ninth Avenue (67 comments)
"I like it. Very creative and the wave of the future, as space becomes more and more scarce. Why do you people have no imagination and hate anything different."
3) Should Domino Forego Commerce for Art? (63 comments)
"I think we can all agree - what NYC needs more of is big, institutional art museums, financed by Wall Street and showcasing the mainstream."
4) Curbed Roundtable: August State o' the Market Report (52 comments)
"i don't think some people here realize the enormous wealth that many new yorkers have access to. both their own and from their family. my parenst gave me 40K for my downpayment, and i know about 6 other people who's parents did the same."