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UES Ladder: Baby Studios to 3-Beds in the East 70s

In honor of this week's guest blogger, we went trolling for some apartments to show off in his beloved exercise. Suffice to say, we do not recommend this exercise. In any case, join us as we climb the ladder from 0-bed to 3-beds.

1) What/Where: Studio, 75th between 1st & 2nd
Asking: $339k
Square Feet: 400
Maintenance: $834
The Skinny: To call this "spacious," as the broker does, seems rather generous, but we suppose you know what you're getting into here. Brand new kitchen in a doorman building.
· Listing: 333 East 75th Street, #10D [Citi-Habitats]

2) What/Where: 1BR, 76th between 1st & 2nd
Asking: $795k
Square Feet: N/A but note 396sf terrace
Maintenance: $1013
The Skinny: Close call whether to include this listing here or in That's Rather Hideous. Also in consideration for Awkward Floral Staging. (We kid!) In addition to the interior flora options, "PETUNIAS, PEONIES AND PANSIES can all be grown on the 396 square foot TERRACE."
· Listing: 370 E. 75th St. [Halstead]

3) What/Where: 2BR co-op, 73rd & York
Asking: $1.299 million
Square Feet: N/A, but see floorplan above
Maintenance: $1,752
The Skinny: Another nice terrace with a slightly different aesthetic than our 1-bed inside. Two floors with the master upstairs. Everything's looking pretty shiny in there.
· Listing: 410 E. 73rd St. [Corcoran]

4) What/Where: 3BR, 78th between 2nd & 3rd
Asking: $2.095 million
Square Feet: 1700
Maintenance: $3,937
The Skinny: This is pretty much what we think of when we think of the UES and we're not thinking of Dormandie Court. Classic six with crown moldings and a handful of other pre-War details. Three baths to go with your three beds. Floorplan above.
· Listing: 245 East 35th Street [Elliman]