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PriceSpotter Big Reveal: Chelsea FSBO Dot Blogspot

Yesterday, we gave you the details on this Chelsea for-sale-by-owner 2-bed. Today, we reveal the listing. We're a lot suspicious of anon #8, who nailed the price, but, hey, we're feeling generous. Here's your gold star, anon. Enjoy.

Listing: 309 West 20th []
Asking: $1.15 million
Perhaps we were a little stingy yesterday with the intel. This is an 1800s carriage house apartment overlooking the gardens, according to our intrepid seller. The courtyard is shared and the bathrooms have new fixtures and stone tiles. The walk-in in the bedroom has windows, in case that was on your list. (Also, to be clear, not a condo. At least as far as we can tell. Sorry for the confusion.) As for the art on the wall, we'll leave it to you to figure out whether it's worth more than walls that hold it.
· PriceSpotter: Chelsea FSBO Dot Blogspot Dot Com [Curbed]