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Development Du Jour: Columbia House

Location: 238 West 108th Street
Size: Six floors with four full-floor units, two duplexes
Prices: "Not yet announced," but there's one active listing for $1.8 million
Architect: Mihai Radu Architects
Sales & Marketing: Sotheby's
Lowdown: Unfortunately, we think this development is named for its Manhattan Valley/Columbia University surroundings, and not for the discount CD wholesaler that was so integral to our youth. We're looking at a new construction here, meant to "mesh with the historic upper westside neighborhood." The modern spin on pre-war involves a brick facade and a rear glass wall overlooking a garden. A tipster claims that the first-floor duplex might already be sold, which wouldn't be a surprise becau?holy shit is someone getting raped in that rendering?!
· Columbia House []
· Listing: 238 West 108th Street [Sotheby's]

Columbia House

238 West 108th Street, New York, NY