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From Crack to Wine Racks in the Shadow of Hudson Yards

With all the recent attention given to the redevelopment of that shiny sliver of land known as the Hudson Yards, new projects in the once-forgotten far far west side are suddenly a lot more relevant. Take, for example, this luxury rental tower planned for 316 Eleventh Avenue, at 30th Street. Announced at the tail end of 2006, we're just now getting around to mentioning the 34-story, 370-unit building. But don't get mad?Douglaston Development's chairman said it would take 24-36 months to start the sucker, anyway. The plot is notable for three reasons: (1) The neighborhood has been referred to as the "Special West Chelsea District, High Line Transfer Corridor," whatever that is. (2) An emailer says "the corner was once a crackhead wall to sleep against." Fun! (3) It's a mere crack-pipe-toss away from whatever the heck is coming to the Yards. Very interesting, and it looks like the building will bring some much-needed restaurant and retail action to the 'hood.
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