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Rumblings and Bumblings Responses: Dept. of Sanitation Gets Sanitized; Chinatown Set for Another Big Tower

On Tuesday, we presented the latest batch of your questions about development around town. Here, the answers. Got a question of your own? Drop a line to; bonus points for digital photos. Thanks.

1) Chinatown: Regarding the mysterious pillars going up at Canal and Eldridge, a commenter files this detailed report: "It will have a three-story commercial base (one floor of stores and two floors of medical offices), then a setback and a floor that will be occupied by a day care center, then an additional setback and twelve floors of apartments. There will also be a commercial parking garage in the cellar levels. The residential portion will be a tower, with floor plates of only about 2,000 square feet, whereas the ground floor will have a footprint of about 7,500 square feet, and there will be one or two apartments per floor. Architect: Peter Poon. (No, Peter Poon does not just design hotels for Sam Chang.)"

2) Upper East Side: Adjacent to FDR Drive at 74th Street, a reader query about what's replacing the existing Department of Sanitation facility and its giant smokestack (above left), brought news of this here new 370,000 square foot vehicle storage and repair garage for the Department of Sanitation (above right). OMG.

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