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Hudson Heights Not Throwing in Towel on Tower

Is Hudson Heights the "new Upper West Side?" That's what this mysterious website would have you believe?a holding page for a development called Fort Tryon Towers with not much information other than a new spelling of "views." But here's the history: noticed by a Curbed tipster, this rendering appears to be an update on the previously rejected plan for West 184th Street and Overlook Terrace, which was discovered on a tour of the area's famed Pumpkin House. Our tipster notes the differences:

The building is shorter. There is now a crenelated retaining wall at street level that encompasses the uptown entrance/exit of the 181st St A Train Station. It also looks like the builder is planning to put part of the building on the lot to the north of the subway entrance. There's an unused parking lot there now.But have enough concessions been made to get the DoB go-ahead? Any intel appreciated.
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