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Cleveland Place Construction Chronicles: Razing the Roof

Bricks falling from the sky? Could be a sign that Condo Fever has arrived along little Cleveland Place, the stretch of Lafayette Street that demarcates Soho and Nolita. At number 23 Cleveland the Department of Buildings has issued a Stop Work Order, saying "DEMOLITION-UNSAFE/ILLEGAL". Why? Perhaps because in recent weeks, the four-story brick building there has been gutted and its roof torn off. Ouch.

23 Cleveland Place with its new view of the sky

This simple little bit of brickage sits just to the south of swanky 225 Spring Street, home of the $100,000 closet and across from forlorn Lieutenant Petrosino Square (and near the site of those recent police raids). Number 23 has a twin to the north at 25 Cleveland. The buildings changed owners last winter. Apparently the new gang has wasted no time trying to get on the condo train before it leaves the station. A long-time tenant and a swell little Italian restaurant with one of the better gardens around, Va Tutto, vacated number 23 last spring. Another neighborhood eatery with an equally enticing garden, Le Jardin Bistro, sits just below the work site. Initial building permits for both 23 and 25 were issued in July, listing the project's architect as David Turner Architect PC. That work was described as

General construction removal of portion of building above ground in preparation of reconstruction of 1st,2nd,3rd &4th floors. Under separate applications. (Roofing Removal Excluded)Hmmm. "Roofing Removal Excluded". Maybe somebody didn't read that part.

25 Cleveland just to the north still has its roof. For now, anyway.

The view from the back garden of Le Jardin Bistro.

Super Luxe 225 Spring rises above 23 and 25 Cleveland Place.

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