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Misshapes Heading to the Big Disco in the Sky

Friends, it's always the earth-shattering news that gets buried on a Friday, especially one before a holiday weekend. You may have heard that Misshapes?the long-running debauched hipster dance party that started in the West Village before moving on to bigger digs at Don Hill's in Hudson Square?will be putting out a book. Well, we're sad to report that multiple inside sources tell us that the September 8 book release party at Misshapes, will, in fact, be the final Misshapes party. Ever. Is it true? We think so. This means that, in the four-year struggle between over-the-top hipster antics vs. common decency, the West Side of Manhattan has scored its first?and final?point. No word if Michael Shvo will still be able to book their services.
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