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One York Update: Getting Sneaky with Glass

More magical happenings over at Enrique Norten's fantabulous Canal Street condo development at One York: When no one was looking Enrique's sly crew started hanging up some glass. Big glass. But not out front where everyone can see it. No, it's going up on the back side, facing little St. John's Lane. That's west, out towards Tribeca. And the Hudson. River. And, oh boy, does it look nice. Bets are on that this one is gonna be fucking great from the inside.

All glass. All the time.

Just to keep it real 1 York shows off a cracked pane of glass. With tape.

1 York is no longer a forlorn shell. Now she's getting all dressed up. Lots of simple white brick down below to go with all that glass up top. And some matte metal panels for privacy here and there. All very understated in a big bold way. If that's not contradictory enough then give this one a try: Mega-Living overlooking Canal Street. Who woulda thought it? This new millennium is already chock full of surprises.

1 York from West Broadway below Canal. Imagine more glass up above.

Norten's condo extraordinaire seen from the north.

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One York

1 York Street, New York, NY 10013