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Curbed PriceChopper: 137 Duane White Box

We've always been a little suspicious of listings that begin, "Bring your architect." Ah, yes, my architect. Now where did I put him? Let's get him out of mothballs and down to Tribeca. Which doesn't have much to do with the fact that the white box special seen above at this condo-loft conversion just dropped its asking price from $2.079 million to $1.725 million—the first of what could be a string of reductions in the building, which has sold only three of its eight units in the past year. Says blogger Manhattan Loft Guy, "After flogging at these prices for a year, the price drop at #4E may indicate the sponsor is getting ready to reduce other prices in the building, or may be getting ready to change marketing plans (or personnel)." One possible issue: the chopped loft, at 1,733 square feet, doesn't appear to be particularly blessed in the window department. Anyone stopped by 137 Duane care to add more?
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