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Two Trees Prankster: Know Your Future Black Monolith

Opponents of Two Trees' planned Dock Street development?the one that's "all about the kids"?are getting very clever in their online campaign to stop the proposal in its tracks. If you recall, the development could block some of Dumbo's precious bridge views, including some from other Two Trees buildings. This fell into our inbox over the weekend:

To whom it may concern, In order to best represent the impact the proposed Dock Street development will have on advertised Bridge views at its other developments, Two Trees is altering its promotional materials. Included you will find the *amended* view of a 70 Washington Street cabana, which have begun to sell for as high as $325k. Sadly, this advertised Bridge view will no longer contain the Bridge... and we regret not having made this information available sooner. However, now that the units are mostly sold, we intend to update our website shortly, to be as forthcoming as possible. We understand that our Dock Street project web site rendering foreshortens the
building in a manner not to emphasize this impact, so we are taking this opportunity to be explicit.

In the meantime, we have a lot of pictures to update.

Thank you,

Two Tree Management

Apparently, according to Two Tree, the future Dock Street residents will be living in the Dumbo equivalent of the Death Star.
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