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It Happened One Weekend: Condos Hit Mott Haven

1) Mott Haven, described as a "hard-luck neighborhood in the South Bronx", is getting its first ever privately financed condominium building at 305 East 140th Street. The building, named Bronx Bricks, has 11 units priced from $395,000 to $795,000 and two units have already sold. Of course there is the fear of new condos bringing gentrification to the hood, as Miquela Craytor of Sustainable South Bronx worries, "Is it helping out the folks who have weathered the storm here? Or is it just benefiting the new residents?" [Posting/C.J. Hughes]

2) Our weekly hunter finds an apartment the old fashioned way, by seeing a sign hanging in a realtor's office, and scores a one bedroom rental on 4th Avenue near Park Slope for $1,400. She notes, "maybe it is my generation. But not everyone posts on Craigslist — what a concept!" Indeed. [Joyce Cohen/The Hunt]

3) There is more to choosing the theme music of a new development and its website than just scanning the Top 40 list or throwing up on some standard jazz. There may be some kind of crazy science behind the process. Real estate web site designer John Atwood explains, "It has to reflect the aspirations and the intentions of this whole group of people who are involved — building architects, interior architects, contractors, developers, selling agents, designers." But does it really make a difference to the buyers? Not so much, says recent buyer Sean Davis. "It comes down to the same things: square footage, views, light, finishes, a value for your money." [Selling a Concept With a Song/Stephanie Rosenbloom]

4) After 18 months of research, a coop board decided an 80 year old American elm tree that has caused structural damage to their Brooklyn Heights building should be chopped down. Um, not so fast. It seems residents love the tree more than the building's foundation. Resident Fortune Elkins notes, "Anything that they do that affects the character of this block directly affects my investment. If they kill this tree, I’m suing." [Brooklyn Heights Report/Cassi Feldman]

5) Barbara Hohol returned from a 10 year exile to the People’s Garden on West 111th Street and the garden's steering committee is none too happy. Committee Chairman Bob Roistacher says, "If she wants to do something, she just goes ahead and does it." A meeting has been called for this week to try and remedy the situation. Garden nice, kids. [Morningside Heights Report/Alex Mindlin]