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Development du Jour: The Azure Condos

Quick administrative note: Lesterhead here. You might know me from Clinton Hill Blog. Or, you might not. In fact, you might not even know what Clinton Hill is. Before I begin my week of guest blogging at Curbed, a quick primer: it's a small neighborhood in Brooklyn, sandwiched between Fort Greene, Williamsburg, Bed-Stuy and Prospect Heights. It was once one home to many of the borough's wealthiest residents, and the area is home to some of the most unique architecture in the city. The borders: Park Avenue, Clinton Avenue, Atlantic Avenue, Classon Avenue. Brokers please note: Nostrand Avenue is not located in Clinton Hill. And now, let's get down to business.

Location: 195 Classon Avenue, Clinton Hill
Size: 6 stories, 10 two-bedroom units
Prices: $735,000 to $918,000
Architect: Not listed
Developer: IVIZ
Sales & Marketing: Corcoran
Lowdown: This mysterious new building's been sitting on Classon Avenue just north of Myrtle for months now, ever so slightly off the beaten path. Offices? Nope. Condos. (Shocking.) They're boasting a "magnificent common garden," keyed elevator access and Manhattan views. At least the floor plans look varied and the central air units aren't visible to the naked eye, at least per their rendering. The top of the line condo here will set you back almost a cool million. $600 per square foot? At least there's a White Castle just around the corner.
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Best of all, the website comes complete with grammatical confusion: