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Celebrity Real Estate Wrap: Britney's Silk Back on Market

1) The buyers of Britney Spears' Silk Building apartment in the East Village have washed away the stink and put the penthouse loft back on the market as a $32,000/month rental. Yes, this is the same apartment that languished on the market for what seemed like an eternity. Previous inhabitants include Russell Simmons, Cher and Keith Richards. [S. Jhoanna Robledo/NYMag]

2) 778 Park Avenue may not be as celebrated as 740 Park Avenue, but man, this old co-op can demand some coin. We already know that Vera Wang?who is ditching 778 for the cozy confines of 740?wants $35 million for her old place, and now Estee Lauder CEO William Lauder is buying into 778 for a cool $27.5 million. That'll get him the entire 14th floor, which is 11 floors above Wang's place. It has one less bedroom though. [Braden Keil/Gimme Shelter]

3) Have you heard the Hair soundtrack? It'll change your life! While that scene in Garden State didn't quite go like that, if it had, Zach Braff would probably be looking at a much better deal on the 2,500-square-foot apartment he wants to buy at 840 Broadway. It's currently owned by Tom O'Horgan, the original stage director of Hair and Jesus Christ Superstar. 840 Broadway houses both Heather Graham and, more importantly, Forbidden Planet. [Max Abelson/Manhattan Transfers]

4) Shunning conventional wisdom, publishing power-couple Gay and Nan Talese don't need your Hamptons or Connecticuts for a little summer r & r. Nope, instead they head to Ocean City, New Jersey, the dry beachside town south of Atlantic City where Gay Talese was born. Have a look around, won't you? [Julia Lawlor/Away]

778 Park Avenue

778 Park Avenue, New York, NY 10021