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Hollywood Hell Imitates Orchard Street Life

From the inbox, a shaken reader writes of a terrifying new development in the post-apocalyptic construction zone on Orchard Street between Stanton and Houston:

What’s up with the very large, very ugly, very frightening billboard-like banner for the proposed Wallbridge Mall just south of Houston? People living in surrounding apartments and gazing out at the visage of the developer must be very scared. Can this really be happening or is it a publicity stunt for a futurist, holocaust, end-of-the-world-as-we-know-it movie?Well—yes! The destruction of that block has been happening (for, oh, the past two years), but this Wallbridge Mall terror is from something far more disturbing than anything J.J. Abrams could imagine: Adam Sandler. In addition to the alien/zombie movie shot last week on Orchard, Adam Sandler shot a movie in the same place on Friday night which appears to be about local Lower East Siders protesting the construction of a huge mall with a roller coaster around the top. They shot the movie at The Skinny and also in the pit that is in the block between Ludlow and Orchard north of Stanton. Props, which include 2-3 storey sign advertising the "Wallbridge Mall" next to Michael Buffer's face ("Let's get ready to rumble ..."), are still hanging on Orchard Street. Over the weekend there were other props on the fire escapes ("No to the Mall," "We Live Here," etc.). Tourists and visitors stood around appalled at the sign all weekend, believing it to be real.
Given the reality of development horrors down there, the confusion is understandable. Amazing that Hollywood props are doing a better job protesting the destruction of the neighborhood than actual living residents, no? Actually, on second thought: of course not.
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