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Development du Jour: Casa Vizcaya

Location: 10-40 46th Road, Long Island City
Size: Five stories, 24 1- and 2-bedroom units
Prices: $699k to $1.2 million
Architect: David Howell
Sales & Marketing: Corcoran
Lowdown: This development comes to our attention via a tipster who writes, "I guess this developer took it to heart when they said that the LIC skyline is starting to look like Miami." Amen. This latest residence, playing into LIC's status as mature hipster heaven, is ready to offer residents a zen escape from their "edgy" surroundings. Nearby "luxuries" include "Chase Bank." Select units come equipped with fireplaces and a balcony or private terrace, with a "unique atmosphere that satisfies your desires." Must be some balconies.
· Casa Vizcaya [Official Site]
· Listing: 1040 46th Road [Corcoran]