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Rumblings Bonus: Ski Slopes Spotted on Essex Street!

Because there just wasn't room in yesterday's installment of Rumblings and Bumblings to get to all recent reader queries about development around town, we hereby present a second batch. Your helpful answers, as ever, in the comments. Merci.

1) Lower East Side: The saga of the Essex Street Market grinds on, with this reader query: "I walked by Essex Market Building D yesterday and they're building something interesting inside. Looks like mini ski-slopes. Or perhaps seating for a theater. Wooden frames fill the whole room. This article indicates that it's possibly an extension of the food market in Building C. But doesn't look that way. Not building stalls—it's a giant slope. Any thoughts on what's up?" NB this is the building just below Delancey Street. Perhaps dreams like these are being realized?

2) Harlem: "I noticed a couple of workers carrying bags of cement into that burned out apartment building on the North-East corner of Morningside Ave and 122. They had a stack of lumber and other materials outside as well. Any idea what's going on there? It's been a long time since anything was happening with that building."

3) Upper West Side: "What happened over on West End Avenue and 86th Street? For about a year there was a building down as a consequence of a partial building collapse I think on WEA between 85 and 86th Streets. Next thing I know, the building next to it on the corner of 86 and WEA is razed. Was there structural damage as a result of the first building going down? Or is there some sort of diabolical plan in the works for something really incongruous?"

4) Clinton: "Does anyone know what is going on at 19 West 56th, the old American Cancer Society HQ? Looks like they sold the site a while ago, but I’ve seen construction activity lately, and I can’t find anything out about it."