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Illegal Game of Peek-a-boo on East 14th Street?

Holy moly! The picture of the Swiss cheese flooring at 542 East 14th Street was sent in by a Curbed tipster, who spins a tale that?while interesting?doesn't quite compare with the story of the building's owner, Solil Management, which is the estate of famed real estate investor Sol Goldman. But as you know, we love a good destructoporn shot, and here's the background:

This building is owned by Solil Mgmt. (estate of Sol Goldman). In early, May 2007 they told the tenant in Apt. 24 they were going to repair the bathroom floor and ripped out the entire kitchen and bathroom and left a 12'x6' hole in the floor that you could see Apt. 19 below (see picture). Solil was subsequently found to be doing illegal everything by both the DOB and ECB and HPD. The DOB issued a Stop Work order for the entire line (apts 24, 19, 14, 9 & 4). But starting yesterday Aug. 4 and today Solil is working against the stop work order and demolishing apts. 4-14. There is a dumpster right in front of the building.

The stop work order, issued on August 1, was for work done with a permit. Please, people, if you're going to start demolishing willy-nilly, at least go and get yourself a permit. There have been six complaints about illegal work since the SWO was slapped on the site, so there may be some additional fun photos in our future.
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