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The Catch: The Cleanest Kitchen in Town

What/Where: Renovated studio on the Lower East Side.
Looks Good, Right?: You're darn tootin' it looks good! While this apartment may be a little deep in the BelDel (Orchard and Hester Streets), you can't particularly argue with the $1,495 per month rent, especially when it includes some sort of weird, fenced-in outdoor space that may or may not be a prison yard. Just imagine all the summer cookouts and/or gang fights you'll be enjoying.

The Catch: Hey, you notice how the Craigslist listing says the apartment is "cute, but weird?" We think we know why?the freakin' shower in the kitchen! Yep, this is one of those old Lower East Side tenement apartments that your immigrant grandmother would always tell you about. "We had 7,000 people living in one room and a bathtub in the kitchen!" They apparently still exist, and they've been modernized! Much props to the Curbed reader who added this zinger: "At least they let you know. Could've called it a walk-in dishwasher." We're actually a little surprised that they didn't.
· Listing: $1495 ***CUTE RENOVATED 2 ROOMS STUDIO***OUTDOOR DECK***ASAP*** [Craigslist]